Thursday, September 27, 2012

Upcoming Events with the Center for Adult Learning

So, you’ve read the blog and scoured the Viterbo website, but you still have questions. Have those questions answered HERE at the Center for Adult Learning Information Session, next week. Whether it’s been years since your last stint in formal education or you’re considering a return to complete your degree, Viterbo offers plenty of options, including:

    Criminal Justice

    Addiction Studies 

    Health Care Science 

    Integrated Studies 

    BSN Completion 

    Accounting Completion

    Health Care Management

    Management Information Systems (INFO) 

    Organizational Management (OMGT)    

Need more information, or a little assurance? Look me up on twitter or drop a note in the comments section below. Otherwise, mark your calendar and join the Viterbo Center for Adult Learning for the upcoming information session. Stop by for a few minutes and find out how to make higher education work for you!

Center for Adult Learning Information Session

4-6 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 3 

Reinhart Center Board Room

Start planning your future today!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fall Semester, 2012

So, about that summer blogging… 

As turns out, 10 credits, four overlapping classes, is ill-advised during the summer semester for even the most hardy non-trads. Still, I managed, quite admirably in my own opinion, pulling off a summer of straight-As. I did some incredible mind-expanding research (which I may link here, eventually) and even succeeded in getting in a little light, non-homework-related reading. 

That said, my blog suffered terribly. But here we are, roughly two weeks into the fall semester and with 14 credits to go, the end of my undergrad work is in sight. 

On the docket: I still owe you, the few remaining dedicated readers, my interview with a Viterbo graduate student, more tips and tricks for the non-trad, as well as additional insight into the decidedly awesome life of a Viterbo student.

That, and more, coming up in the semester ahead. Please visit weekly, and don’t forget, I’m always open to suggestions, looking to answer your questions, so please post those in the comments section below.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hope to see you at the Returning to College Readiness Workshop!

Returning to College Readiness Workshop 

Wednesday, July 11 – 4:00 – 7:00 p.m.

At our workshop you will complete a FREE assessment of your readiness to return to school.   We will help you determine the attributes, skills and knowledge that will contribute to your success. The assessment will measure your motivation, self-discipline, computer skills, time-availability and time-management skills. 

Click Here to RSVP to the College Readiness Workshop or contact our office to register TODAY! 608-796-3370 or

When it comes to advancing your education and career,  

Viterbo is… your Center for Adult Learning!

Viterbo offers working adults the opportunity to earn their associate, or bachelor’s degree in business, education, health care, leadership and technology. Viterbo’s Center for Adult Learning offers a specialized learning environment tailored specifically for working adults.

Call or stop in today to start planning your education and career. We are now accepting applications for the summer and fall semesters.  If you have questions about getting started, please contact one of our admission counselors, Deb Randall Anderson or Casey Clark 1-888-848-3726 or   

Info courtesy of Viterbo's Center for Adult Learning.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Summer Bloggin'

Well, it seems I’ve survived yet another round of finals, and in quite an extraordinary fashion as I’ve once again chalked up another straight-A semester. I’m always blown away by this final grade tally, but most especially this semester given my struggles with psychopharmacology.

So now, with pharmaceutical specifics safely behind me I’m settling in for a nice, relaxing summer break. It’s a short, but much appreciated pause in the action in which I’ll clear out a semester’s worth of papers, and odds and ends from my car, which doubles as a locker it seems, catch up on some house work and, of course, prepare for the upcoming summer semester.

And this one’s going to be intense.

10 credits is quite a haul for the condensed summer semester and certainly not advised for the faint of heart. Would I rather be lounging on the beach, reading frivolous paperback novels? Absolutely. But I’m determined to graduate in December which means a slightly higher caseload is required for the summer.

Fortunately I’m looking forward to all of my classes, an argumentative writing course, with a favorite professor, which should provide me with the incredibly marketable skills for grant-writing.  

Note to future employers: I’ll be accepting bids at any time.                            

Also on the docket, one of my final Addictions Studies course requirements, and an online class in positive psychology. And what summer would be complete without some intensive research? I will be nose-deep in the latest studies on addiction and eating disorders which, I think is an incredibly engrossing way to while away the hot summer days.

In the meantime, I’m enjoying a short break in the action and, because I honestly don’t know what to do with my spare time, researching Masters Programs. Expect to see something on my efforts posted here shortly. In the interim, enjoy the gorgeous spring weather and please return for the next exciting* posting from the Blogging Non-Trad.

*Citation required.

Friday, April 27, 2012

When you want Answers, You go to the Source

Center for Adult Learning Interview:

As the semester draws to a close the Blogging Non-Trad goes straight to the source. Thus far this blog has featured the details of my experience as a non-traditional student on the Viterbo campus, as well as the insights of fellow non-trads like Steve and Tito. But this week, the blog answers all of the burning questions you may have about returning to higher education as an adult learner but were too afraid to ask. So, without further delay, I give you some of the most common questions fielded by 

Viterbo’s Center of Adult Learning and the answers.
Who is eligible to attain their degree through the Center of Adult Learning (CAL)? 

Anyone who has been out of high school for 4 or more years and is looking to complete a degree while working or needs an alternative schedule to take classes (evening or online), and has some college credit or an earned associate degree.

How are courses through CAL more flexible for the Adult Learner?  

 Courses offered through CAL are compressed (seven weeks vs. fourteen weeks), and are offered in the evening and online.  

Are CAL classes more expensive?   

Classes are not more expensive.  CAL students are not eligible for the Viterbo scholarship offered to traditional day-time majors.  Instead, we offer a reduced tuition rate and encourage all students to apply for financial aid.  CAL students that apply for federal financial aid are eligible for federal loans, some state and federal grants.  Availability and eligibility could be different for each student.

What if my track record isn’t the greatest (high school grades, previous attempts at higher education, etc)? Can I still get in to Viterbo’s CAL?  

 We will review your transcripts and see what we can do to help you complete your degree.  You must meet the university’s admission requirements, which are discussed below. 

Why should a prospective adult learner choose Viterbo University?   

Our programs do a thorough job of fitting academics into adult learners’ busy lives, through accelerated course formats meeting one night a week or online.   Viterbo also utilizes teaching methods that allow adult learners to bring their own experiences into the classroom, allowing them to build on what they have already learned in their careers.  Viterbo’s Center for Adult Learning offers a specialized learning environment tailored specifically for working adults.  And our Viterbo degree completion programs are built on the foundation of 5 core values - Contemplation, Hospitality, Integrity, Stewardship, and Service - that prepare our students to become faithful servants and ethical leaders.

What are the requirements for admission through CAL? 

Viterbo University welcomes applications for admission from all students who have prepared for a competitive collegiate program.  Each candidate is evaluated individually.  The returning adult student must be at least 4 years out of high school, with a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.0 on a 4.0 scale, and must have been in good academic standing with his or her previous institution.

How long will it take me to get a degree through the Center for Adult Learning?  

 Most students that come in with 64 credits or an associates degree are here for 2-3 years.  This depends on the number of credits a student would need to complete the desired degree and how many credits would be transferred in. 

How do adult learning courses work? Nights? Weekends? Online courses?  

Courses are typically held one night a week for seven weeks or online for seven weeks.  There are a few courses that run the full semester, but still only one night a week.  And the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree completion courses are offered during the day, but still only one day a week, having been designed so nurses could come to school during one of the days off they have in their work rotations.

What if I have accumulated credits from a previous stint in higher education, will these still count as I pursue a degree through Viterbo?   

We have a very liberal credit transfer policy.  Courses from a regionally accredited institution, with a grade of a “C” or better will transfer.  More details can be found in the University catalog (under admission and transfer credits).
What programs are available through the Center for Adult Learning? 

1.       Associate of Arts or Associate of Science
2.       Addiction Studies
3.       Accounting
4.       Bachelor of Science in Nursing
5.       Health Care Science
6.       Health Care Management
7.       Management Information Systems
8.       Integrated Studies
9.       Organizational Management

Are the expectations the same for adult learners as they are for traditional students?   

Yes.  In a general sense - all students must abide by all university policies, including attendance, academic integrity, etc.  If there is a similar program offered for traditional students in the daytime, then the learning outcomes for the adult learning programs are aligned and students are required to meet those same learning outcomes.  But not all of the adult learning programs have a similar major offered in the daytime to our traditional students.   Some of the programs are unique to our Center for Adult Learning.

When can I start the process and begin my program through Viterbo and the Center for Adult Learning? 

Students can start classes three times per year:  in January, May, or August.  Before you can register for any classes you must have a completed application file, including transcripts from your high school and any college coursework you have already completed, and the student must be accepted for admission.  The application can be completed online at

So, what are you waiting for? Log on. Register. Await your letter of acceptance! 

Thanks to the Center for Adult Learning staff for their time and energy on this project, I’m talking to you, Jessica.

Any additional questions? Drop them in the comments section below, look me up on Google+, Tweet me or simply visit the Center for Adult Learning in the Fine Arts Center on the Viterbo Campus!

In the meantime, finals week is looming, so the blog may be a wee bit quiet. But don’t give up on me, the semester may be ending but the Blogging Non-Trad shall return with more insights, tips and tricks for the adult student. 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Dancing with Myself

Q & A with myself:

This week I turn on the ol' journalist's charm with myself and asked myself some of the same questions I've been asking my fellow non-trads all semester. This self reflection became a little emotional as I looked back on the years spent as a non-traditional student and as I asked myself to ponder the people and events along my journey that have brought me to this place.

What is your major?

I am an Addiction Studies major, and will have everything lined up to work as a substance abuse counselor with my degree.

When did you return to higher education?

Summer of 2008. I started part time, taking one or two, mostly online, classes at first. Then began attending classes full time in the Spring of 2010. By the time I graduate, I will have completed my program in roughly four years + one semester.

How much longer until graduation?

I graduate this December! Then on to the Master’s program, I hope…

What is your typical course load per semester?

For the last two years I have been going pretty much full tilt at 14 + credits per semester. I also maintain my full time status during the summer months, taking at least 6 credits-worth of courses.

What lead you to Viterbo University?

That’s a long story, you see, as it turns out I’m the voice of Viterbo, producing the Viterbo Center for Adult Learning ads you hear on the radio. One day I was cutting the ad in the studio, a month later I was registering for my first summer course!

What drew you to your program?

I knew that I wanted to study psychology in one form or another. It just so happens, Viterbo’s Addiction Studies program was developed into a full-fledged major (previously it was only offered as a minor) around the time I moved to full time status.

Do you take strictly traditional (classroom) courses or have you taken any night/weekend/online courses? Why, or why not?

As you may have read previously on this blog, I take a mix of both. I am one of those hard-headed individuals that can stay focused in online courses. Also, due to the nature of my program, a lot of my course options involve night and weekend classes that are more flexible for the adult-learner.

Who has been influential in your academic success?
Honors Senior Seminar Poster Presentation

Family. The Viterbo community and staff. If I was required to give a graduation acceptance speech, vis-à-vis the Oscars, I would continue to weep and talk over the exit music until they had to forcefully remove me, and my Oscar, I mean diploma, from the stage with one of those giant vaudeville-style hooks. Seriously, so many people to thank.

Of all the courses you’ve taken, thus far, which has been your favorite? Why?

I’ve really enjoyed all of my program courses. I am fascinated by the human brain and its intricacies. But, I’m also a history and literature nerd, so a lot of my general credits involving English, societal studies and religion have caused me to contemplate double, even triple majors. One of my favorites this semester has been the Humanities Symposium course I’m taking as a part of the Viterbo Honors Program. This semester’s theme is heroes so we’ve had an amazing time discussing the nature of the true hero and actually sponsored a debate (during the humanities week on campus) on the ultimate hero, pitting Luke Skywalker against Harry Potter. Fascinating stuff!

What do you like best about your program of choice?

It really is incredibly flexible. This, for me, is key. I need to be available for my family and still put in a few hours at the office between heavy research sessions. Viterbo’s adult-learner options really make this viable, I can’t say that enough.

What are your goals post-graduation?

I will pursue my substance abuse counselor licensure while making plans to *hopefully* start in the Masters of Mental Health Counseling program. I really enjoy working with teens, but I am also passionate about substance abuse rehabilitation as it pertains to special demographics, such as women, and soldiers struggling with posttraumatic stress disorder.

As a non-traditional student how do you manage to balance school/home/work/etc?

It’s a juggling act, it really is. But I’m one-third of a heavily academic household, so quiet reading, computer and study time is kind of par for the course. That being said, I can’t stress enough how important it is to pencil in fun time – my sister and I participate in a lot of the local 5k events, I like to experiment in the kitchen (still trying to master the crock pot) and family time remains, above the most pressing of deadlines, priority number one.

What would you say are some of the keys to your success?

My family, my husband, son and parents have been incredibly encouraging and supportive. Additionally critical to my success have been my instructors, classmates and the advisors and amazing staff of Viterbo’s Center for Adult Learning.

How would you describe your interactions with traditional students on campus? With instructors and staff?

I am always in awe of my young, studious classmates, and honestly I wouldn’t have ever learned how to put together any form of reliable presentation without them. Power Points and Publisher are all programs that were completely foreign to me, and would have remained so were it not for their kindness and patience. The same goes for my professors, instructors and advisors, they’re all incredible people and I’ve made some lifelong connections thanks to this program.

With what type of extracurricular activities are you involved? Either school clubs/programs or non-school affiliated activities.

As was previously established in this blog I am a member of Viterbo’s Honors Program, a true honor that came to me when I was nominated my first full time semester. It’s been an incredible experience. I enjoy working with my fellow Honors students and participating in a lot of the on and off campus activities with which they are involved.

Want to know more? Drop a question or comment in the section below. Or, simply call Viterbo’s Center for Adult Learning (1-888-848-3726) and talk to one of the amazing staff members about getting started.